Provolone Cheese UK: The best 2022 guide with substitutes


Wanna add traditional provolone cheese to your cheese based dishes to make them more delicious but don’t know where to find it in the UK? Here are all the answers I have included(with good provolone cheese substitute). Before that read some intro about this precious provolone cheese UK.

With its origination from the cow’s milk belonging to South Italy(Aosta valley), the provolone cheese is often referred to as the Italian Cheese middle child.

This cheese lacks both the punchy nature of Parmigiano-Reggiano and the mild nature of Mozzarella(low moisture mozzarella).

Through the first manufacture of this provolone cheese is registered by the name of Italy but later on, America doesn’t stay back enough, not to add that in their manufacturing food list.

Eventually, nowadays it is an essential ingredient for both American version and Italian cooking version.

The interest in this Lil yummy cheese increased due to its fanciful shapes of fruits, sausage, and pigs. Gradually, with time this yummy cheese got into use for certain dishes including Pasta Salad, Casseroles, Panini, Quesadillas, Hoagies, and baked pasta dishes.

If you are a Foodies, just like me trying to taste all the tasty food out there, you should know the basic provolone substitution of cheese available in the market. Though there are many of them, I had those worth knowing.

What is Provolone- A short description



If you are on this page right now, then I would sense you do have an idea about those yummy provolone cheese already.

In fact, you lack, few information, Then you should know Provolone belongs to the Casilli near Vesuvius with an Italian Origination(Italian cheese). Whereas, the Cremona City and the North-Western part of Italy(Northern Italy probably) are the current home for provolone production.

It also provides only variety, both in the case of shapes and nutty flavour. The shape comes under “sausage” & “cone”  whereas flavor comes under “simple” and “smoked” (You can find them in stores)

Though current time records the production of these cheese in America there is some variant marked under the Protected Designation of Origin(PDA).

For your simplicity, let me tell you, under PDA any other county except Italy( country of origin) cannot produce it.

A common example of provolone marked under PDA is Provolone Valpadana.

How these cheese are produced?

As dairy is the main ingredient for making cheese and for this one apply the same. The milk source can be from any dairy animal, cow milk or buffalo milk.

Well, a mixture of dairy from both of them won’t be a bad choice either.

The next step comes under the extraction of provolone from a  curd derived from the milk of any dairy animal( cow’s milk is usually preferred not buffalo milk)

The curd itself passes through the processing steps of kneaded and stretched, which finally give the separated end product of curd and whey.

Further, a slight bath with the salty brine and cool down is being applied. It is followed by tieing and hanging up steps in the aging cell. This gives the taste variation from sweet to sharp.

As a result, a piquant taste is given by semi-solid Provolone Piccante and sweet-mild taste is given by Provolone Dolce.  Eventually, goat lipase is the deriving source of earlier and calf lipase is the deriving source of the latter.

Reason-Why we don’t have Provolone in the United Kingdom(UK)

Under the Protection Designation of Origin (POD) this product comes under strict supervision to get produced and packed under local market with certain methods and is imposed by the European Union.

So, manufacturing still remains confined to the Italian Val Padana region and nearby different region.

Although, you need not worry about yourself much. The same mild texture and taste can be produced by its substituents which are readily available in the market.

Hope you got the reason for provolone cheese UK unavailability.

Available Provolone cheese substitutes to go for

Here are few substitutes available in the UK market. I found as per my research. Hope these all help you to substitute provolone cheese UK happily.

#1 Fontina Cheese

The cheese production of Fontina cheese and Provolone cheese is almost similar. Being a substitute for provolone it holds the same taste to some extent. The Italian  Provolone(Italian cheeses) made from the milk of cow gives the milder taste whereas Fortana gives a tangy taste. This can greatly make a dish thick enough for a savory dish.

The texture of this fontina cheese is not too soft and nor too hard. You can call it semi-solid. It usually serves the melted and granting purpose.

#2 Mozzarella Cheese( The low moisture mozzarella)

The main difference in this Mozzarella cheese is that it comes from its milk source. Usually, the milk for provolone and Fortana comes from a cow but in the case of Mozzarella it is from Buffalo. This is why the texture is very sticky and thick once the curd gets melted.

Use this alternative Mozzarella cheese if you failed to find provolone cheese uk. This cheese is semi-solid in texture with low moisture and lacks a certain sharp flavor in it. It serves the purpose of slicing and granting usually.

Let us now move towards the next substitute which is of French origin(French cheese) to add most dishes and certain recipes with the same quantity.

Read about the collard 2022 complete guide.

#3 Muenster Cheese

Though it is originated in France, but with time it started manufacturing in America which gives the similarity to the provolone.  The texture of this cheese is semi soft cheese whereas the original variant from France is totally soft cheese.

It serves the purpose of grating and slicing.

The low-fat content in this cheese makes it a wise choice for the cheese lover. Moreover, it serves the dual purpose of being used with the sticky mozzarella. Which in fact gives the provolone UK a hard texture. There are various varieties available in this cheese also.

#4 Parmesan Cheeses

Though Parmesan successfully occupies the list of provolone substitutes, it failed to meet the purpose to be used as a main ingredient like provolone. Rather Parmesan is being used for gratin and garnishing your favorite dish.

This cheese increases the overall condition of your dish only when blended with other cheese to give a hard texture with a nutty flavor.

It also failed to in compete with provolone due to its more salt content and lack of sharpness like provolone. Whereas your dish can still be sweet if you choose to add its Pecorino version.

#5 Edam Cheese

The best compatible provolone substitute cheese is none other than Edam(edam cheese).Unlike provolone the attractive red waxing coating marks its vitality with a semi-soft texture.

It serves as an excellent provolone alternative. once blended with other popular cheeses but instead, it is used separately after meals individually.

#6 Gruyere Cheese(swiss cheese)

The Swiss originated cheese(swiss cheese) with a vibrant and hard same texture can be found in none other but Gruyere only. It is also the most important ingredient for French dishes.

This cheese or cheeses is used with other less salt contained cheeses as it itself contains salt in high amounts. So, to get a milder result it is used that way. Also, the sharp flavor makes it an excellent substitution for Provolone.

Ending statement

Usually, in the UK, provolone is not easily available especially for sandwiches. Instead, you should look for substitute for provolone like parmesan, Munster, and Mozzarellas which are easy to get.

Though if you are still stubborn, you should pack your bag and book your tickets for Southern Italy 9just don’t be a Italian immigrants, hahaha) to brought provolone or you can get in the farms of Aldi in UK. It is the only place where you will be able to find the good substitute for provolone.

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