How To Reset Opal Ice Maker in 2022?

How To Reset Opal Ice Maker
How To Reset Opal Ice Maker

The less consumption of energy (electricity) and faster output of ice by the countertop ice makers, raises their demand. That is why nugget ice lovers prefer to go with the GE profile Opal ice maker. Besides the pricing of the Opal suits the budget of every ice lover very well.

However, after a purchase of any appliance there comes certain minute to medium-sized problems and so do there comes the need for troubleshooting. This post focuses primarily on the Opal nugget ice maker troubleshooting procedure.

But this doesn’t mean GE appliances come with bad services. They are really quick in it, but the main problem is that the issue with the appliance is not that complicated to get it to a professional, That is what we gonna cover, to save your time and get you ice as early as possible.

Stay with me and focus on all common troubleshooting steps for Opal nugget ice maker. Read it in detail before you wish to reset Opal ice maker.

Before you jump into the Troubleshooting guide of Opal, have a look at the working principle of this demanded Opal nugget ice maker.

How does GE Opal Nugget Ice Maker Work?

You would be quite familiar with the working principle of Countertop ice maker until and unless it’s Opal. They incor[orate and run it on different mechanisms. That is why this high-demand nugget ice maker comes with some additional parts.

It avoids direct freezing of the water and prefers dealing with saved ice and thereafter compressing it through a tiny hole to offer it a nugget shape.

GE Profile Opal is the proof for it and is no doubt a great invention. It is really astonishing about their countertop design assembling everything. Additionally, the inbuilt Bluetooth technology offers you a wireless connection at your ease. However, regarding all those complex mechanisms it still offers easy-to-use machine operations.

All you need to do is install their simple handy UI app on your smartphone and you are ready to control it. Every mode that you gonna command inside their UI app includes schedules, activating cleaning modes, turning it off, or turning it on.

The best part about it is the early notification that informs you about the empty water reservoir and fully filled ice bin.

How to reset Opal Ice Maker?

Whether it is an iPhone or an Android device you have in your hand, you are ready to use the GE Opal nugget ice maker once you installed their Bluetooth-enabled UI in your device. Rest it is mobile operational.

But if this Opal ice maker didn’t make ice or refuse to perform its function, the best thing you can do is to reset it. In case of bad odor or foggy types of ice, go with cleaning it rather than retting it.

To reset the Opal ice maker manually and get get answer for ” How to reset Opal ice maker”, follow the guide mentioned below:

  1. First, get your Opal Ice maker unplugged from the electric socket. (very crucial step)
  2. Now, completely drain out the water reservoir with the provided drain tube, which usually comes inbuild in the back of your machine during the purchase.
  3. Now, make the ice bin empty after removing it.
  4. Take a soft dry piece of cloth and wipe out every possible internal part of this device.
  5. Inside the tank, put the Opal cleaning solution.
  6. Next, place the ice bin back like it was before.
  7. Locate the cleaning mode button on the back of your device and slide it to turn it on.
  8. Replug the ice maker to the electric socket and turn on the machine.
  9. Next very cautiously, first press and then hold the round-shaped button until and unless it color changes to orange.
  10. Thereafter, run it for a few more cycles.
  11. Once done, remove all the cleaning water solution by draining it.
  12. Now, leave it for 8 long hours undisturbed.
  13. On the above dealing, switch the button to ice mode. and turn on the machine.
  14. Run it for quite a lot amount of cycles and remove those ice. (don’t use them, simply throw them)
  15. When done, congrats yourself, you have successfully reset your Opal Ice maker and it is ready to start making ice and serve you.

I hope these how to reset Opal ice maker steps are enough for your problem-making device to start making ice again. However, if it still doesn’t work, it will take you a little more effort to book a call with the technician to visit your doorstep once you successfully get an appointment through their customer care service.

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