Does Baileys go off?- Detailed guide you should know

With the upcoming of occasional celebrations, the cupboard of drinks starts filling up specially in the UK. In my case the presence of Bailey is must for my personal inventory. Meanwhile, if the stock is huge, the occasion might get over but not the bottle of those drinks. So, does they go off? or I would probably bother to know does baileys go off?

does bailey go off


Hope you are also curious to know the answer. Well, in usually we do say, yes. They will go off and the reason we assign behind this is the containment of cream in Bailey.

Is it so? I know you want the answer, but before get the   the answer of ” does bailey go off if it remains in your inventory” You must have your concept clear with it.

Here are these concepts followed by your answer.

Bailey- A short introduction

Bailey is an alcoholic liqueur with added flavors including coca, cream and Irish whiskey.  In short Irish Cream Liqueur  is Baileys Irish cream.

Does baileys go off


The place of production is the Nagor Road in Dublin, Ireland ( Irish cream) till this date.

And if we move towards the history slightly, it was the great invention of Mr. Tom Jago dated to the year 1917 (quite old right?). Though the interesting facts comes in the motivation upon which the creation of Bailey is based.  

Tom Jago was motivated by availability of alcohol from a distillery situated nearby and mixing them with the creams available in the dairy farm. This made him introduce a new taste in the International Market of Alcoholic Beverage.

 Though the actual credit goes to his team also, along with him.

You should also note that the presence of Nesquik was found in the baileys of first production.

This lead us to the next step for the Baileys actual composition in the present days.

Composition of Baileys

Ingredients which plays the role is the surprising taste of bailey includes:

  • Cream
  • Milk
  • Herbs & Species
  • Coca Extra
  • Refines Vegetable Oil
  • Whiskey

These 6 are the base ingredient one will need in producing Baileys. Though there are many more to include which are unknown to me.

Does Baileys go bad?

As promised, the answer to question “does baileys go bad” lies  in this portion.

The assumption you all did earlier is right. The answer is YES. Baileys do get bad over time eventually.


The containment of creams, milks and other unknown products from the dairy make this liqueur go bad in accordance with time. The drink will definately stay fresh for some while due to the availability of Alcohol as its ingredient. But if you planned for a huge stock of Baileys, I would say, 

Sorry my friend ! It will turn sour.

Irrespective of factors like refrigerator or not, opened or still sealed, it will only stay consumable for a duration of 2 year. Not more than that.

Can you drink expired Baileys?

Apply some sense, in it. Try to ask yourself will you drink milk which had already expired or cream which are being spoiled.

Yes, you wont. So,  you cannot or shouldn’t drink Bailey that had already expired. You may get ill, if you still taste an expired Baileys. Though many people contradict with the fact that alcohol keep it fresh. 

My friend, alcohol do keep it fresh, but for certain time (2 years nearly) only. But 2 years, the drink will turn sour in taste and get bad.

How to check if your Baileys has gone bad or not?

Probably if your unscrewed bottle of Bailey gives the unpleasant and sour bad smell , then you shouldn’t drink it. Your yummy Irish cream had gone bad already.

If this is not the scenario, don’t be happy that your Baileys is okay. You need to confirm it further. For that, you should take few amount of the beverage in a glass or dish and study its texture very carefully. Any sort of coagulation within the drink is an indication of the spoiled beverage. You shouldn’t consume it at any cost.

Also, the color of the Baileys also reveal the condition. A thick darker color reveals the expiration of the Baileys.

A bottle of this sealed beverages stored for 2 years under the advised condition still have chance to get spoiled. Sorry for your collection, dear.

Eventually, you should give a check to the drink still by following the above instructions.

How long does Baileys last before going bad?

After the completion of nearly 2years of manufacture, Your yummy Baileys will start to get spoiled. No matter in what condition and where you have kept them in those 2 years duration.

 The dairy ingredient present in the drink will turn the taste of your drink to sour and add unpleasant smell to it. You shouldn’t consume it.

How Long does this Irish Cream last once open?

An unscrewed bottle of Baileys will last for about 6 month maximum before it start revealing its bad smell and changing color texture with coagulation. Follow the instruction given on the level and store it in the refrigerator once opened.

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Instructions for the Storage of Baileys Irish Cream

To maintain the freshness and preserve the original texture and quality you must put effort in its storage once opened.

Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Sunlight can spoil your drink much before the expected time once opened. So, keep it away from direct Sunlight.
  2. Storage at a place where the variation of temperature is normal is much preferable.
  3. Store it at a temperature range of 0-25 degree Celcius, probably a refrigerator would be best for it.
  4. You should  also follow the guidance given about this drink on its level situated at the back end.

Is refrigerator mandatory for Baileys storage?

Though the label of the drink doesn’t mention the must use of fridge for Baileys storage,  weather it is opened or still sealed. But I would suggest you to store it in refrigerator for the best experience of your tasty drinking.  A coolness overnight, can just give you a mouth watering “wow” when you take the first taste.


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