Carrabba’s Blackberry Sangria Recipe in 2022

Carrabba’s Blackberry Sangria Recipe
Carrabba’s Blackberry Sangria Recipe

A hot summer and a lonely day don’t always demand joyful friends. Sometimes, it also craves a perfect drink, and thereafter a Carrabba’s Blackberry Sangria Recipe is all that you need to know.

It is not just a drink, it’s an emotion a drink that is full of fun. Fruit syrup, fruits juice, and Dry wine are all that is contained in a Blackberry Sangria. It is really hard to imagine a list of Carrabba’s beverages and forget about this popular Blackberry Sangria.

But the most exciting part is to prepare Sangria at home and for that, all you need is this brilliant Carrabba’s Blackberry Sangria Recipe.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin with the recipe.

Carrabba’s Blackberry Sangria Recipe

Blackberry Sangria is the most crucial part while hitting for the Carrabba’s beverages. However, the brilliant flavor offered by the classy Italian wine and Italian liqueur has no substitution. If you have roughly 2.5 hours in your hand, you could peacefully begin with the procedure after collecting these ingredients.


  • Sweet Bisanzio Red Italian wine (1.5 Litre)
  • Cranberry Juice (14 ounces)
  • Monin’s Blackberry syrup (14 ounces)
  • Italian Liqueur (6 ounces)
  • Sprite (2 ounces/ glass)
  • Lemon slice ( to serve the garnishing purpose)
  • Orange slice ( to serve the garnishing purpose)
  • Blackberry (to serve the garnishing purpose)


  1. Arrange a Mason Jar at first
  2. Add Sweet Bisanzio Red Italian wine, Cranberry Juice, Monin’s Blackberry syrup, Italian Liqueur(in the above-mentioned quantity) in the mason jar to continue the procedure.
  3. One added, keep the mason jar in your refrigerator for a time being of 120 minutes.
  4. After 120 minutes, get a glass tall enough and fill it with ice and a sprite of 2 ounces and transfer the chilled mixture into it.
  5. Add blackberries, lemon slices, and orange slices into it to serve the purpose of Garnishing.
  6. Add a straw and congratulation your fun drink is completely ready to be served within 2.5 hours.

I hope this recipe won’t cause you much of your hard work. But the taste is awesome, I am sure.

Blackberry Sangria Recipe:

You might be wondering we had already completed preparing the Recipe above there. right?

You are absolutely right. But what about an advanced version with an enhanced taste. Exactly, this is a blackberry sangria recipes variation.

The regular blackberry Sangria recipe is the base variant of this delightful juice and can be prepared very easily. However, this advanced variation needs more time to be ready. An overnight duration is necessary in this variation which in fact releases more flavor by infusing with the wine.

And I guarantee you the Exotic taste, which you gonna have early in the morning from this blackberry sangria recipe. Additionally, ginger ale can even enhance the taste, so add it according to your need.

Now, let’s begin with this Blackberry Wine Sangria recipe.


  • Granulated white sugar (2/3 cup)
  • Drinking water (1/3)
  • Sliced blackberries (4 ounces + 6 ounces separately)
  • Simple blackberry syrup
  • Dry Red wine (750 Ml)
  • Ginger ale(24 ounces)
  • Brandy (1/2 cup)
  • Thin slices of Lime
  • Medium-sized oranges( 2 pieces)
  • Ice


  1. Get a small-sized saucepan in which we will prepare the blackberry syrup.
  2. Add water in the saucepan of volume 1/3 cup and allow it to boil.
  3. Now add Granulated white sugar to it, of volume 2/3 cup, and make the heat to be medium.
  4. Let this water boil with the added sugar till it completely dissolved with the water.
  5. Once completed, add the blackberries of the amount 4 ounces and turn the heat to be minimum.
  6. Allow these blackberries to get cooked for a time duration of 10 minutes.
  7. Once it crosses 10 minutes, the blackberries must turn mushy and stickily soft. At this time, turn off the heat and allow it to cool at room temperature.
  8. Get a medium-sized bowl and sieve when these blackberries are cooled. Take out these blackberries carefully on the sieve and squeeze them against the sieve by using a spoon and collect the blackberry syrup in the bowl.
  9. Once done, transfer the bowl to the refrigerator and allow the syrup t chili further for 10 minutes.
  10. Now bring the Mason jar which you got earlier.
  11. Pour these ingredients in the mason jar,  750 ml dry red wine, 1/2 cup Brandy, the chilled blackberry syrup, and mix them well with a stirrer.
  12. Next add these fruits to the mason jar. 6 ounces of Blackberries, 2 pieces of sliced oranges, slices of lime, and lemon wages.
  13. Now close the Mason Jar and let it settle overnight. However, you may also keep it for a much longer time for a complete infusion of the fruits into the wine to age the exotic fruity punch in the drink.
  14. Get the Collin glasses and 2-3 ices cubes. Add your blackberry sangria and ginger ole to balance the sweet more fruity punch flavor.

Congratulation, you have successfully made your Blackberry sangria ready. Enjoy it with your friends, family, relatives or with whoever you want. I am sure they gonna love it.

Carrabba’s Red Sangria Recipe:

This Carrabba’s Red Sangria is worth mentioning in the beverage list and can easily be prepared at your home without much hard work and trouble by having only a few ingredients.

Here are the ingredients ad procedures for preparing this Red Sangria of Carrabba’s


  • Dry Red Table Wine (4 Ounces)
  • Cinnamon powder (1 teaspoon)
  • Korbel Brandy (1 ounce)
  • Red Sangria Mix (1 ounce)
  • Splash Grenadine
  • Orange juice (2 ounces)
  • Slices Orange, Sliced Lemon, Cherry and Blackberry (for serving the garnishing purpose)


  1. Get a cocktail shaker and transfer 4 ounces of Dry Red Table wine, Cinnamon power of volume 1 teaspoon, Korbel Brandy of 1 ounce, Sangria Mix of volume 1 ounces, s splash of Grenadine and Orange juice of amount 2 ounces.
  2. Now, bring pit glasses and add ice to them fully.
  3. transfer the mixture into the glass and garnish with your desired fruits mentioned above in the ingredients list.

A pro tip: Garnish the Red Wine Sangria with the blackberry forget an awesome and exotic color combination.

Ending Statement for Carrabba’s Blackberry Sangria Recipe

Doesn’t matter whether it’s the Red wine Sangria or everyone’s favorite blackberry sangria, in both taste you definitely gonna experience the thrill. I hope this Carrabba’s Blackberry Sangria Recipe has added value and knowledge to your cooking.

If you know any other secret ingredients which can further add taste to this drink, do share them in the comment section.

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